Introducing my blog…

Hey there! Iā€™m Georgia, Iā€™m 23 and this is my personal blog all about travel! In the last few years Iā€™ve been fortunate enough to visit some amazing places, and being the sentimental person I am, I want to detail some of these journeys and show my photos of them too. So not only can other people catch a glimpse into my perspective of the places where Iā€™ve been to, but it will become a personal log which I can always look at. Having studied two degrees and recently graduated from University, I know the pressures of saving and paying for essentials whilst desiring to live a fulfilled, exciting life. Now I want to be able to give tips and trips to other students/young people that exploring is still possible in these circumstances.

I caught the travelling bug when I had just turned 17. Whilst I had been abroad before, this was the first time Iā€™d been anywhere a substantial flight distance away. In what is without a doubt a very unusual school trip, and one which still leaves people gobsmasked today, I went to Australia for 10 days to improve our leadership skills. In this time I checked out Sydney, Manly Beach, Taronga Beach and the Blue Mountains. I was entranced by their beauty, and it instilled a passion to go and see the rest of the world. Since this trip I have been back to France, and went to Monaco, Italy and the United States for the first time. Iā€™ve ticked off California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah and I definitely will not leave it at them. Iā€™ve also seen plenty of the United Kingdom too, including Cardiff, Glasgow, and London.

One of my other main passions is sport; I follow so many sports but my favourites are football, snooker, darts, Formula 1, and American Football. My dream career would still be to work as a sports journalist! Being a female sports fan, I also will occasionally write about my experiences of this in the public, and give my perspective/opinions of sporting tournaments/events (will mainly be me moaning about Tottenhamā€™s continuously topsy-turvy seasons in the Premier LeaguešŸ˜‚).

– The Ginger GlobetrotteršŸŒ

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